• Blue Bike - no run-more fun
  • Blue Bike - unique city tours by bicycles
  • Blue Bike - small company-great experience
  • Blue Bike - local guides, back streets...
  • Blue Bike - more than just another city tour

Ancient tour

all the major sights in the city, in the most amusing way - you'll see them all in less than 3hrs BOOK 

New Zagreb tour

novizagrebhave a peek into real-life socialism and visit the south part of Zagreb

Combo tour

combination tourif you want to see more than just regular touristic sights, and cycle for 4 hours, choose thisBOOK

Sit & chat tour

be a local of Zagreb for an hourdo what locals of Zagreb are doing regardless the weather, recession, even wars

Solar system

solarsystemdid you know that Zagreb has its own Grounded Sun and entire Solar System? BOOK

Early bird tour

early-birdonly during July & August, to avoid the excessive heat and as an alternative to triple espresso 

Sljeme route 1

sljeme adventure 1
half day tour to Medvednica mountain, including visit to medieval fortress named Medvedgrad BOOK 

Sljeme route 2

sljeme2half day tour on Medvednica mountain without seeing a living soul





Scavenger Hunt in Zagreb

Looking for a special experience for your friends or coleagues while visiting Zagreb? Join us on our Scavenger Hunt ride and reawake your sense of wonder, exploration and fun. Only for groups +10 people.
You're very welcome to contact us for more info, if you dare ;)
your Blue Bike team

Visiting Zagreb soon?

A Blue Bike Zagreb tour should be the first thing you do once you get to Zagreb, Croatia - so don't bother walking around with a map, all alone!

Join one of our
exciting Zagreb tours. 
Hop on our new bicycles 
and see everything 
there is to see, 
 and so much more!

bokmeans Hi!, in the local Zagreb manner

We're happy to see you here, and you'll be happy too after you take one of our Blue Bike Zagreb city tours!!! 

 We'd like to introduce you to our city in the most exciting way, and make you want to come back for more. You'll get all the best of Zagreb, not only the sights with explanations, but also the stories and experience of a genuine local guide.


 TIPS & HINTS about where and what to see, eat and drink (and how much it should cost!) included 

Why Zagreb tours by bike?

Why not? ;)


Doing a city tour with us is like meeting a good friend in Zagreb who wants to show you around.


 There is nothing better than sitting comfortably on a bike and gliding through the city with a light breeze in your face, even on hot and sticky days, seeing all of those tiny, secluded streets with picturesque coffee bars and craft shops that you didn't even know existed in Zagreb, and feeling the city beat.


 We are going to put Zagreb in your palm and make you see it up close and personal, like an insider.

• Whether you're an everyday cyclist, weekend rider, or haven't cycled since your childhood, a Zagreb tour by bicycle is right for you. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to try the bikes, and we'll adjust them to your personal needs.


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Blue Bike Split