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if you are for more fun, like to learn more and compete, or just want to surprise your friends, send us an enquiry!
group tours in Zagreb

For +10 groups, we have special discounts and can provide special times!

You can also suggest your own individual tour and schedule. Our custom-made tours can begin at any point in the city, though there's an extra charge for transfer.

Stag & hen parties Zagreb

Hen & stag parties:

If you want to spice up your last days in freedom - this is just the right thing to do! Make a ride through a city where nobody knows you dressed in the funniest way - and enjoy the fame!


families on bike tours

If you travel around with your little ones, as long as they can ride a bike or can sit in a child seat, you're welcome to join us. Just let us know in advance how old your children are so we can provide the right bikes or child seats for them! The charge for kids is half price, i.e. €11 per tour, including a helmet. Please note that it's the law for children under 12 to wear bike helmets!


Check also our B2B page!

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